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在祖居地的部落,看見石板屋Experience a Traditional Bunun Slate House

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Have you ever see Bunun Stone-Slab House in Taiwan-Yuli.

Salizan Takisvilainan Ilistuan, a Bunun poet from Hualian, Taiwan, wrote a poem that recollects the common memories of Bunun to mountains, which also tells us the location of the old community where his grandfather came from……

Bunun People said:


日本時期,為了壓制和有效統治位於拉庫拉庫溪中上游的布農族人,日治時期在1921年開通八通關越道路,並於1933年至1934年間將族人移住到縱谷平原地區。部落族人因此遠離故居。祖先建造的房子,一一倒下。 八十年後,族人們重新在,佳心這個地方,重新建造了,具有祖先智慧的石板,讓我們一同上山,回到邁阿桑Mai-sang,邁見證舊部落的珍貴歷史地貌。

‘Mai-sang’ is a term indicating homeland in Bunun language. “The prefix mai means past and old and asang is tribe. In Japanese colonial period (1895 to 1945), the authorities develop Pattonkuan in order to rule Bunun. The Bunun tribes along Lakulaku River were forced to leave their homes, their old houses were abandoned collapsed. The Bununs finally settled down in the coastal mountain range during 1933 and 1934 but they can’t stop thinking of Mai-sang. Bunun has reproduced a slate house to remember their ancestors, and the homeland. This tour has great value for the indigenous people involved, for it helps to preserve their tradition and past and to renew it through new generations.

〈翻山越嶺至馬西桑〉 祖先 踏進新天地 從 asang daingaz 翻過山谷 翻過溪谷  稜線 翻過平原  翻過山頂 到達 祖先的新居地  馬西桑 早晨,太陽最慢照射、陰影籠罩的部落 後輩們的祖居地 馬西桑 來到 經過細竹 經過旁邊  黑熊 經過蕨  經過水蒸氣 從 asang 踏過尋根之行 後輩們

〈Go Over Mountains Back To Masisan〉 The ancestors Entered the New World From Asang Daingaz They went over valleys Across streams and over crest lines Across plains and over mountain tops They came To Masisan, the New World A shadowy land that the sunlight reached the last To Masisan, the Ancestral Place They came Through the Slender Bamboos Through the Black Bears that walked by Through the Ferns and the Steam From Asang Started the path of seeking roots The descendants

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