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Alang Tongan is a Seediq tribe in the east of Ren'ai, Nantou where offers a whole range of experiences, from hiking on the Wilderness Trail, looking at various kinds of butterflies, walking crossing rivers and streams. The stunning wilderness of Alang Tongan is an ideal place to explore the nature, along the way you will visit an incredible waterfall. Menggu waterfall is well known for its nature beauty. Throughout its rugged landscape you’ll be treated to ancient rock formations and the experiences in freshwater. 

Alang Tongan tribe is promoting positive environmental ethics which emphasizes the balance between natural ecosystems and the needs of humans. We offer Nature-based tourism focusing on the concerns of sustainability. We put on efforts to combine education, ecotourism and experience which means that aside from the natural beauty of the place, the site should be managed to meet at least minimum expectations of a clean, healthy, flourishing environment. We encourage you to participate in conservation programs and to benefit the environment, and hope to provide you better understanding of sustainability and ecotourism.

Meixi Tribe' Seediq Experience

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